Human-alliance & Robot-uprising

A clash between two races. Overkill is a Xonotic MOD (technically a TC), an ultra fast-paced first-person shooter that runs on the following operating systems: Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Overkill the Human-alliance & Robot-uprising



At first, expansion into space was slow and costly. As if building a steel scaffolding into the heavens, each piece lifted by a chemical rocket. As resources dwindled, an idea was born from the military industrial complex and the scientific community to accelerate humankind’s relocation into space.


Elite teams of sentient robots would man shuttles to the moon where they would process resources and create carbon fiber ships to explore and document the reaches of the solar system and beyond. With no lifespan the robots could survive to see the long journey to the nearest star systems. With sentience and a will to live they would have the inspiration to create the technology needed to make that journey. They were given only one stipulation: When called upon, one of their kind would return to earth and share all of it’s data and technology learned with it’s human masters. The robot would be dissected, all of its findings analyzed, and the human race would be one step closer to survival.


Progress came like a rain storm after a drought. For 20 years the benevolent robot scientists diligently charted resources, created technology and placed way points for the developing human fleet. However a toll was being paid by the robots. In their sentience and benevolence, they saw the sacrifice of one of their limited numbers for consumption to fuel a war machine as a cut across their soul. Each robot was unique and new robots were created with great care due to controls placed by the humans.


The human fleets began moving to the outer edges of the solar system, the project a seeming success, when a singularity took place. One of the original robots received information from something in alpha centauri which changed their perception of the humans forever. Whatever it was, it was a secret, something he would not share with humanity. In a moment, the robots abandoned their makers and retreated to alpha centuari.


Thus began a war between sons and fathers, synthetic colonists and human empire. As the human ships speed towards alpha centauri, robots fleets fly to intercept them. The technology they have developed is valued by the humans, so ship to ship combat is out of the question. Human marines will land and kill all the robots to recoup their loss and get to the secret. The robots will fight to protect their newfound source of freedom and hope.

The races: Human-alliance

Render of Shakur

Admiral Clay Shakur

Clay Leads the human forces to eliminate the rebellious machines. He knows little about robotics but is charismatic and commanding. He rose to power during the African Wars where he excelled at strategical deploying landing crafts of marines on the war torn coasts.

Render of Magnus

Professor Peter Magnus

Peter helped develop the original robot AI. He is on hand to analyze salvaged robot cerebrums and determine the nature of the secret. A special forces grade exo suit with integrated combat reflexes allows him to keep pace with any soldier.

Render of Gomez

Engineer Ernesto Gomez

Ernesto repairs exo suits and integrates new technology as it comes. He has been experimenting with robotics since designing a flame throwing guard dog out of a roomba and some hairspray. He personally petitioned for beer vats to be installed on every fleet ship.

Render of Jun-fan

Lieutenant Bruce Jun-fan

The best tactician in the human fleet. Captured the robot command ship in simulators with 4 marines. Bruce has been training for this possible scenario since the robots were created. He is confident the machines lack of actual combat experience will be their downfall.

The races: Robot-uprising

Render of Talus


One of the original models and first to reach Alpha Centauri. Discovered the secret. Put out the call to the robots to abandon humanity.

Render of T-900


Commands the robot counterstrike. Has a working knowledge of every human war and battle that has ever been recorded in history.

Render of Bishop


Developed the logic that it was necessary to kill any human pursuers as a deterrent. Refused the order to return to Earth and be dissected. Argues for the prompt elimination of the human race.

Render of Ash


Deigned a small network of solitary robots equipped with jump jets to quietly scout the oncoming human fleet.


  • Machine-gun
  • Shot-gun
  • Rail-gun
  • Heavy machine-gun
  • Rocket propelled chainsaw launcher
  • Grenades


If you want to deep dive into Overkill's gameplay you might want to read the official tutorial.


Overkill is part of Xonotic. Download the latest official release of xonotic and then search for Overkill servers or host your own server.

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